Do you do farm tax returns?

We have done farm returns for years. When I started with Jaspers Streefland back in 1986 we did farm tax returns and we continue to do them to this day.

How much do you charge for a tax return?

Every tax return is different. We charge based on the amount of time a return takes to complete. The more organized the information is the cheaper the return is. We try to be fair with everyone, but we also need to cover our costs.

What is a CPA?

A CPA is a "Certified Public Accountant". In order to put CPA on my business cards and signs I have to be licensed by the State Board of Accountancy. I also need to have 120 hours of continuing professional education every three years. Since I also do audit and attest, reviews and compilations of financial statements, I also must have a Peer Review of my practice.

Beware - not everyone is a CPA!

What are the mileage rates for 2021 and 2022


Business: $.56
Medical & Moving: $.16
Charitable: $.14


Business: $.585/ $.625 7/1/22
Medical & Moving: $.18/ $.22 7/1/22
Charitable: $.14